Terrestres Servo Coronas

Supporting charitable projects within the Commonwealth and United States of America

Our vision for the world

Terrestres Servo Coronas–TSC was founded in 2016 to proactively support charitable projects within the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America. Our core philosophy, highlighted by the Head of the Commonwealth Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is simple one. The Commonwealth of Nations, our 53 member countries who represent over 2.4 billion people, has significant potential to be mechanism for positivity, cultural awareness, economic growth and global sustainability. TSC has committed itself to supporting organisations and individuals who have dedicated themselves to the ideals of the Commonwealth, by utilising our resources, relationships and knowledge to enhance the delivery of their charitable missions

The Commonwealth's Reach


The Commonwealth of Nations is comprised of 53 countries, each with their unique cultures and histories, who have come together for the common good.

0 billion

The Commonwealth of Nations represents the single largest group of individuals on Earth comprising approximately one third of global population.


The Commonwealth of Nations has member nations in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Antarctica has the British Antarctic Territory.

Our work

Infrastructure and Civil Society

Supporting access to quality education and healthcare within the Commonwealth of Nations via proactive engagement with charities actively working within these areas.

STEM Research and Education

Supporting the education of Commonwealth and American youth in the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Chronic Pain Research and Support

Supporting charitable educational projects increasing awareness of chronic pain conditions, their effects on individuals and families, and working towards better management of these conditions.

Armed Forces and Veterans

Honouring the service of individuals who have served their countries by supporting the Armed Forces and veterans communities throughout the Commonwealth and United States of America.

Culture and Heritage

Supporting projects that honour and remember the diverse cultures and heritages of the member nations of the Commonwealth and United States of America. .

Who we are

Terrestres Servo Coronas–TSC is a non profit organisation, based in the United Kingdom, with representatives located throughout the Commonwealth of Nations and the United State of America. Our network includes philanthropists, politicians, statesmen, and a wealth of experts in a range of disciplines, dedicated to empowering philanthropy