Armed Forces and Veterans

By their loyal service, veterans have served their Sovereign or Head of State to protect freedoms and liberties throughout the Commonwealth. Such dedication deserves recognition by those of us who enjoy the peace and security they guaranteed, particularly given the fact that many veterans suffered physical injuries and/or mental health problems as a result of their military career. That fact undoubtedly warrants extra support both for veterans and their families.

There are around 1,800 charities in the UK alone which are in one way or another dedicated to veterans. Terrestres Servo Coronas (TSC) has developed a two-custom support package for those charities and for veterans directly in the following ways:

  • Senior Advisory Service: provision of expertise to a wider spectrum of veterans’ charities via targeted support;
  • Sponsorship: veterans’ charities hold fundraising events, and TSC is committed to their sponsorship;
  • TSC Fundraising dinners with high-profile figures;

Within the United Kingdom we are dedicating our resources to supporting the following four charities, which in turn enable the successful delivery of services to our veterans communities via a wealth of other charities.

ABF The Solders’ Charity

ABF The Solders’ Charity supports approximately 100 separate charities in over 40 countries to support our military and veteran communities. The ABF was formed in 1944 and has delivered its mission with pride and integrity ever since.

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund has been providing vital and wide-ranging support to people who served or did their National Service in the RAF for 100 years. But too many have fallen off the radar. In 2018, they helped more than 53,000 current and former members of the RAF and their families and there are twice as many who needed their help.

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

Serving in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines represents an enduring commitment to protecting our island nation. This commitment is not without sacrifice. Those who serve can find themselves in a uniquely difficult and dangerous environment facing extended periods of time separated from loved ones, often with very little opportunity for communication. Each year the charity receives approximately 2,000 requests for assistance.

The Royal British Legion

Almost everyone living in the United Kingdom will be familiar with the Royal British Legion due to their unwavering duty to remember our fallen service men and woman at the annual Service of Remembrance in the Royal Albert Hall and parades throughout the country.

Other the coming months TSC will be announcing relationships with veteran support charities within other Commonwealth countries.

For more information on our commitment to Veterans’ Affairs, please send your enquiries to: