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Mission Statement

The Commonwealth International Developed Forum (CIDF) is empowered to be the leading voice of the Small International Development charities throughout the Commonwealth of Nations. 

The CIDF is committed to supporting all Small International Development charities, those who has a turnover of less than £2 million per annum, to maximise their individual charitable missions by providing the professional voice for the whole sector, to reduce overheads, to work in unison with other charities working within their country / sector of interest, interacting with Commonwealth governments, increasing access to funding & knowledge, and insuring correct governance for their longevity. 


The objectives of The Commonwealth International Development Forum are: 

  • To act as a centralised voice for the sector in discussions with Commonwealth governments, High Commissions, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and Commonwealth-wide NGOs. 
  • To facilitate closer strategic relationships to significantly and sustainably increase the positive impact of individual charitable missions. 
  • To facilitate and empower  the distribution of knowledge based resources of significant benefit to the entire sector, best ensuring their longterm sustainability. 
  • To facilitate best practices within the sector, specifically in relation to charitable governance, fundraising, stakeholder engagement, and project delivery. 
  • To reduce overheads and increase efficiency within the sector to maximise their social impact. 
  • To maximise their stakeholder engagement to gain new corporate donors who are seeking to enhance their social responsibility. 
  • To spearhead a campaign for the creation of a £20 million fund to support international development charities as a power for local economic, eduction, and social improvements. Therefore leading to a wealth of foreign direct investment and International trade opportunities between the Commonwealth. 

Delivering Our Objectives

The Commonwealth International Development Forum will successfully deliver its core objectives in the following ways:

  • State of the Sector Survey, the completion of a Biannually completing a sector wide survey to fully comprehend the State of the Sector, their opportunities and challenges and areas of engagement (country and sector)
  • Producing an annual Stakeholder Report on the State of the Sector. 
  • Organising an Annual Small International Development Charities Conference and awards gala, designed to empower closer strategic partnerships and recognition of leaders within the Sector. 
  • Providing access to an all inclusive knowledge portal of reliable resources to empower leaders in the sector to make the most advantageous decisions from a position of power. 
  • Providing access to CharityExcel – a dedicated platform for registered charities to search for all the products and services they require, from Approved Partners, who have committed to giving preferential rates to charities. 
  • Providing regular opportunities to engage directly with politicians and government developments with an interest in empowering charities operating in the international development sector. 
  • Providing government relations for the entire sector, by speaking for and representing international development charities with a unified voice. 
  • Creating a Commonwealth International Development Fund. Promoting, launching and operating an International Development Fund for the provision of grants to qualifying charities.
  • Facilitating discussions between charities who have similar charitable missions to work closer together. 
  • Providing access to a range of exclusive offers and collective marketing opportunities to our members.

Commonwealth International Development Charities Commitment to the CIDF

To become a member of the Small Commonwealth International Development Charities, and benefit from the full spectrum of support, the charities commit to:

  • Completing the State of the Sector biannual surveys (each taking less than one hour). 
  • Signing the CIDF Code of Conduct for Best Practises. 
  • Recommending their leadership, trustees, staff and volunteers for the CIDF awards (where suitable).  
  • Payment of membership fee.

Membership Fees

Membership of the Commonwealth International Development Forum is open to all International development charities operating within the Commonwealth. The yearly fee is determined by their income level per annum.

Commonwealth International Development Empowerment Fund

International development charities operating within the Commonwealth of Nations, who have proven capabilities to deliver their charitable mission, don’t in general fund securing project specific funding overly complicated. Securing core funding however can be a significant challenge for many international development charities. 

Without core funding to cover the operating expenses of their British based teams (or teams in other major Commonwealth countries), it is impossible for the charities to secure project based funding, let alone deliver the projects within emerging Commonwealth countries. 

The Commonwealth International Development Empowerment Fund is designed to attract unrestricted funding from High Net Worth Individuals, foundations, corporate sponsors, and governments, to be awarded to sustainable charities to help with U.K. overheads in the form of a grant, to allow them to successfully deliver projects in Commonwealth developing countries. 

Annual Gala Awards

The Commonwealth International Development Forum has created the following awards for its members: 

  • Commonwealth International Development Chief Executive of the Year. 
  • Commonwealth International Development Trustee of the Year. 
  • Commonwealth International Development Employee of the Year. 
  • Commonwealth International Development Volunteer of the Year. 
  • Sustainable Engagement in Africa 
  • Sustainable Engagement in Asia 
  • Sustainable Engagement in Europe 
  • Sustainable Engagement in Australasia 
  • Sustainable Engagement in North America and the Caribbean 
  • Sustainable Engagement in South America 
  • Sustainable Engagement in the Commonwealth Antarctic Territories 
  • Commonwealth International Development Politician of the Year (House of Commons)
  • Commonwealth International Development Politician of the Year (House of Lords) 
  • Corporate engagement (Bronze, Silver and Gold) 

Commonwealth International Development Conference

The Commonwealth International Development Conference held annually in October has three core components: 

  • Approved Partner Exhibition – the perfect opportunity to meet with companies who have committed to providing the products and services charities require and significant reductions in price. 
  • Education Seminars – enhancing the knowledge base of leaders in the International Development sector. 
  • Gala Awards Dinner – recognition of the leaders of the International Development sector and networking opportunity.