Honorary consuls

In order to efficiently deliver on our philanthropic objectives Terrestres Servo Coronas (TSC) maintains close relationships with countries and regions both within the Commonwealth and the United States of America, and other countries of interest. 

As a global non profit these relationships ensure we have first hand knowledge on countries, regions, sectors of interest and like minded individuals, all of whom are committed to advancing the TSC objectives. 

On the advice of the Executive Team the following individuals have been appointed as Hon. Consuls for TSC.

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Miss Tessy Antony-de Nassau


Miss Antony-de Nassau is a global leader in youth and woman empowerment. She’s one of the Founders of Professors Without Borders, and runs her own high level consultancy.

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David Hovey


Mr. Hovey is a civil servant based in the Atlantic Canadian Province of Nova Scotia, who’s a lifelong supporter of philanthropy specifically linked to Canada, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

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Tom Rodl, CSt


Mr. Rodl is a committed philanthropist and volunteer for a range of national and international charities. His commitment has been recognised by H.M. The Queen of the United Kingdom with his appointment to the Order of St John.

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Dr. Stephen Breu


Dr. Breu is a banking and finance professional based on the outskirts of Zurich, who’s turned his attention to property investments and a range of philanthropic projects within Europe and Africa.

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H.R.H. Prince Emmanuel


Prince Emmanuel is the nephew of His Late Majesty The King of Rwanda, and the current head of the dynasty House of Rwanda. He’s got a strong interest in improving educational and healthcare within the African continent.

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H.H. Prince Marius


Prince Marius is a member of the nobility of Romania and has a lifelong interest in the protection of the history, culture and environment of the country. His interests also include the relationship between Romania and the United Kingdom.


John C. Shannon, CStJ

United States of America

Mr. Shannon is the Chairman of the College of Arms Foundation within the United States of America and is committed to the protection of history, heritage, genealogy and heraldry within the United States and the Commonwealth. His commitment to charity has been recognised by H.M. The Queen.

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Lt. Col. Nigel Smith


Lt. Col. Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Ora Charitable Trust Chairman of Jersey Community Partnership. Nigel is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a graduate of the Army Command and Staff College, speaks colloquial Arabic and is completing the dissertation phase of an MBA in Management Consultancy.

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Don Leopold Isu Nisnoni, 14th Raja of Kupang and Liurai of Sonbai Kecil


The Royal House of Kupang descends from the great Empire of Sonbai that was the foremost Atoni Princedom on the island of Timor. The Nisnoni Dynasty succeeded to the throne of the Kingdom of Kupang in the early 16th century and has held the throne as Rajas of Kupang for fourteen generations. Prior to this, the Nisnoni Dynasty were and still are the Liurai of Sonbai Kecil, and thus Princes and past Emperors of Sonbai Kecil. This lineage was acknowledged by both the Dutch and the Portuguese who recorded the Rajas of Kupang as Keiser and Emperor.

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Karen Cantrel

United States of America

Mrs Cantrell is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist based in the State of California in the United States of America. She’s been active in supporting projects within the United States and Africa for decades


Ms. Malka Bas Reuven

United States of America

Ms. Malka Bas Reuven is a well respected lawyer, businesswoman and philanthropist based on the East Coast of the United States of America. Having years of knowledge and experience in areas such as fundraising, charity engagement and campaigning makes her a valuable asset to TSC.