Our foundation

Terrestres Servo Coronas

Terrestres Servo Coronas (TSC) (Latin for “Serving Earthly Crowns”) was founded in 2016 by our Chairman, Paul Borrow-Longain, to support UK-based charities and philanthropic projects within the Commonwealth, and promote knowledge about this vital network of countries with 2.4 billion of the world population.

At the moment, adequate support for the UK charities focused on inter-generational change in the Commonwealth countries is lacking, which significantly limits the realisation of their full potential. TSC is committed to providing the necessary support and empowering the charities to accomplish decisive positive change. Our support includes governance advice, political and diplomatic engagement, fundraising, establishing international global links, and facilitation of governmental, business and philanthropic alliances.

Sectors of the specific focus of TSC include:
  • Infrastructure and Civil Society
  • STEM Research and Education
  • Armed Forces and Veterans
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Chronic Pain Research and Support

TSC is dedicated to ensuring that the charities we support will exhibit the utmost of UK potential for the benefit of the Commonwealth. Strategic alliances we provide between governments, businesses and charities will facilitate positive change, economic growth and investment opportunities in the interest of all parties involved. Crucially, TSC is committed to increasing the awareness about multiple benefits the Commonwealth can offer in a post-Brexit world.