STEM Research and Education

Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics (STEM) Education and Research is critical to the future of mankind. All advancements which have occurred in our lifetimes has come about because of young people falling in love with the sciences and becoming actives in the aforementioned sectors in adulthood.

TSC believes strongly that it’s imperative that youth throughout the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America have access to educational opportunities within the areas of STEM. Introducing and subsequently encouraging their interests in STEM will have unknown benefits to themselves, their communities, their countries and to the entire world.

As a non profit organisation TSC has an interest in supporting STEM education and research within the Commonwealth and United States, specifically in the areas associated with space technology, astrophysics, astronomy, aerospace and defence. Advancements in these areas have the potential to generate significant to all mankind, and is an area well understood by our Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Director for STEM Research & Education.

Throughout the Commonwealth many, if not all countries, take STEM extremely seriously. This is due to the universal understanding that a sound understanding, interested and development within STEM is integral to each countries economic growth, job creation, social mobility and opportunities. Though not every country has the capabilities to educate their youth in STEM and give their youth access to information, opportunities to better themselves, and their communities. TSC is working to increase access to opportunities for all the youth of the Commonwealth and the United States of America.

Over the coming months TSC will be announcing relationships with STEM Education and Research charities / organisations within Commonwealth countries and the United States of America. These will be announced on our website and social media channels, and will be listed upon our resource page.

For more information on our commitment to STEM, please send your enquiries to: